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You really Can’t Get Away From Commercials

A lot of people have problems with TV commercials. Before we left cable we were already DVRing past any instance of advertisements. Many people I suspect are doing this right now. You have to be a some sort of ninja to get the show to stop at the right point after the commercial, so you rewind and fast-forward again to try to get to the right spot. If you do magically hit the right spot on the first try, you end up all smug and strutting in front of your spouse. At least this is how it went off in my house.

After a few years of not watching commercials all together I have honestly started to miss them. I don’t mind watching commercials, I just mind when I’m watching more commercials than the show I’m watching.

One of the problems with not watching commercials and getting rid of Cable is you don’t know which movies are good and which are bad. I have found that commercials are my pictures in the Christmas catalog, without them I can’t decide! Don’t worry about me though. I don’t generally care about the latest and greatest products. I get my news AND my commercials online, and there are high quality places out there where you can get commercials if you really want to watch them. It’s like everything else, if you give up Cabletv you are no longer spoon feed your entertainment. You have to work for it, but when you learn where to find the information your life gets much better.

On my Roku I have added the Moviefone channel. With Moviefone you can get all the latest movie trailers. I devote about ½ hour per week catching up on new trailers. It’s more enjoyable than you think. Also, when these movies hit Netflix, Amazon, Red Box or Hulu, I know what I’m getting into. Also, if you miss other commercials about stuff, Moviefone plays one right before every trailer.

As an example of a very good commercial you can watch, here are the Flintstones from the 1960s selling Winston cigarettes. This is one of my favorite television commercials of all time. There are many problems with it, of course. The commercial is chauvinist and of course promotes the dangerous health hazard of smoking to children. Odd that we didn’t have a problem with it back then. Enjoy. Who ever said commercials were all bad?


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