Netflix right now is the undisputed king of streaming video, but Amazon Prime, Hulu, and (in April) HBO will all be challenging. What does the streaming channel have to do to stay on top? It’s not easy to say for sure, but there are some real problems with the streaming channel that need to be address.

Be about movies

Netflix right now isn’t really about movies. It’s not about TV either. Right now the channel is about putting up as much stuff as they can and seeing what will stick, but they don’t really seem to care about the viewing experience. I won’t say they need to get better movies. This used to be the complaint, but I think now they are consistently getting new and better movies. They just need to treat it like it’s a big deal

They need trailers. I can never figure out if I really want to watch a movie from their dumb snippets, so I’m always going to YouTube or to Amazon to watch the trailers. Movies and watching movies are about much more than just clicking a button. I have to have some coaxing. I need to see what the movie is about. I want to anticipate it being good even when it turns out to be bad. Trailers would be great, and I think it would so an overall respect for the audience and for the views that seems to be lacking sometimes on Netflix.

Stop telling me what to watch

Netflix, stop trying to computerize movie tastes. The recommendations that are made or “because you watched” are horrible. Please stop this. Just give me categories, and let those categories go deep. I can scroll. I’m not going to hurt myself if I can see all your movies. I won’t gasp and run away in disbelief. Let the viewer have control and tell the computer to take a break.


HBO does a great job on its channel putting on previews for next month’s movies and series. Netflix could we get a couple preview films pushing your upcoming series and movies? Am I asking you for a commercial? Yes! I want to know what’s coming next month. Right now I have to dig through the internet to find it, and if you don’ know, the internet often lies.


Could we get a big of a production for new big movies please? A slider at the top that says look at our cool new films. One that slides more than one frame would be nice. When you put new movies on your channel of 50,000 movies, it should be a big deal. Everyone should know, “Oh Look honey, the 1998 blockbuster such and such was just added.” A little movie promo reel would be nice.


Could we have a little more to Netflix than push a button and watch? Every time I read the Netflix blog I feel like my stockbroker is going to call me and tell me to dump my stock. It’s boring. Netflix is the biggest thing to hit entertainment since television itself, and they only they do for fun is tell me what I’ve already watched. Get some graphic designers and, you know, make it fun. Remember when HBO had all those intros to movies. You fly down over the city and then up to the stars, and bang there was the HBO logo. Do something like.

What is the Nerflix’s theme song? Did you ever think that maybe we like those logos and sounds. Don’t overdo it, but a little magic would be nice.