What do you miss if you Cut Cable?


I will be honest. I love streaming movies. I like watching tv on my terms. I like not having to pick my shows based on what’s on or what I recorded. I like discovering. Oddly enough there is one thing I miss….commercials.

Yes, I know TV commercials are blight on the viewing public. They are a horrible time sucker of tv lovers all over the world. In the old days I would have done just about anything to make commercials stop. So why do I miss them?

It’s simple really. Commercials, as it turns out, are about the only way you communicate new products and cool things to the public. That means, I have no clue what movie is coming out. I have no clue what new food I can find at my grocery store, and I don’t know any local business opening up in my area.

So I have 2 worlds here. One is I hate spending so much of my time being forced to watch commercials. The other is I would sure still like to know what’s going on. I have also noticed that both movie studios and soap companies seem to be having a really hard time telling people about their products. They seem to be struggling. I know that movie studios have cut most of their say $50 million films to make ONLY blockbuster films like the Avengers. Film with synergy are really the only ones getting made these days.

So, I’m willing to compromise. I have Hulu right now. I have the option that plays commercials. If you can keep down to 2 minutes per break AND GET A NEW COMMERCIAL EVERY TIME (Dang Hulu do you think I want to watch the same commercial 10 times in a row?) then I would be happy to watch a couple commercials here and there.

On cable these days (so I’ve read) they are playing 15 mins of commercials for every hour of watching! UGH! That means you are watching 30 commercials an hour. What the hell? Who can do that? Not even the people who make commercials can watch that many in an hour. They also repeat commercials often. Horrible.

So lets say we cut that down to 5 minutes of commercials per hour. We could do 1 at the beginning of the show. Two in the middle and 1 at the end. That might work. Let’s also say those commercials have to be awesome. Like this one:


Yes, I like old commercials. Everyone does. I don’t know why modern day commercials are gut wrenching and like sucking, but they are. So how about we play some vintage commercials, at least on per broadcast.


Ok, that’s getting to an ok place in commercial watching agreement, but I have one last issue. I shouldn’t have to pay for commercials. Let me say first I love Hulu. They now have some blockbuster movies, and their content for tv shows is getting deeper and deeper. I really like the channel, but I feel incredibly cheated that I have to pay for commercials.


Let’s remember that at one time the television studios could tell us when and what we were going to watch. If you didn’t like it, fine go outside. Find some fun in nature because they weren’t changing their programing for snots like us. That’s all changed. There are simply too many options now.


So, I don’t want to pay for commercials, but I will watch a balance of them if you give me my content for free. Let me think, so if I could get Netflix with commercials for free, would I do it? I think I would try it. If it wasn’t over the top, I would watch that way again. I really miss commercials sometimes.


There must always be a commercial free option though, I think. So, Hulu, instead of charging me 9$ to watch commercials, give that to me for free. Put in a few more commercials, make them different and interesting, and then let me upgrade. I might do that, but I’m still partial to bingeing for 15 hours and getting lost. One pizza rolls commercial might break my imaginary world.