Vudu Review

vvvOk, so I’ve been watching Roku or using a streaming media player for over 2 years now, and I didn’t see much use for Vudu, Wal-Mart’s answer to streaming services, until just recently.

I have purchased movies, mostly on Amazon, over the last few months, and I would have been happy to go on doing that until I saw one of the movies I bought on Amazon at Wal-Mart with a sticker on it, that said $2 credit for Vudu. I know about Wal-Mart’s Ultraviolet service, but I’ve never really looked into their upload/movie storage service before.

I won’t say what disc I bought, but it cost $8.99 on Amazon, on special. At Wal-Mart the disc for only $5, so I thought, heck let me give this a try and see what it’s all about.

You have to understand first that I am DONE with discs. I buy my movies online exclusively now (or I had up until that day) because many of the movies I bought have either been lost or destroyed. I also had a huge collection of VHS (way back in the day), and they were thrown out years ago. So I stopped buying movies I know, eventually, I will loose or break. I have 4 kids, and so far, no matter where I put the discs, they always get broken, scratched, stepped on. I still have a dwindling collection, but I have sworn off buying new discs all together. My heart hurts too much when one is lost of broken.

Buying this one disc at Wal-Mart was a big thing for me. Now I know about Ultraviolet, but I just never got into it. Ultraviolet are discs you buy, that cost more, and give you a code to access online. The problem is, most of the time the Ultraviolet discs will cost more or as much as buying the movie online, so why bother.

This disc I bought was a credit for an online something something. I had no idea, but it cost 5 bucks, so I took it home.

I opened the CD and found the credit, and then I followed the instructions…brilliant eh? Anyway, it allowed me to insert the disc as proof I owned the movie, and bang, I had an online copy which I could buy for $2. Using the credit, it was free of course. But it struck me, “what about all those other discs that were sitting around slowly being broken by my 18th month old?” Could I upload those too?

Indeed. I went through and put in each disc and just about anything, not made by Disney, worked! Now I found that if I uploaded over 10 films, it was only a dollar per film! Hey that’s great, my heart doesn’t have to break ever time I see one of these movies destroyed out in the drive way! Now they are safe, and sound, online forever (we hope forever).

AND (the big kind of AND) the movies can be downloaded on to your devices. Those of you have read my Amazon review, or who have bought movies on Amazon, know you can’t download them. So if you don’t have wifi (like when you are driving in the car and your kids are screaming) you can’t access your movie library, which really sucks because the number 1 time kids want to watch a movie is in the car.

Vudu lets you download a copy onto your phone, Ipad and other devices. This is awesome, and for a buck you can upload your movies?

I put my entire collection (all that worked) online. Some discs read couldn’t be identified, some were not eligible, but the majority of my film collection is now online, and safe. You can access them on almost any device.

I’m not generally a big fan of Wal-Mart, but these options are great. They are the only place that allows you to do this. The Ultraviolet discs are getting cheaper (and they show up in your VUDU library).

Vudu films and rentals do not go on special like Amazon’s, but they do have bundle packs, and honestly the prices really aren’t that much worse. At this point, for the films that work, I would rather have a hard copy and a digital copy than just the digital copy, and their upload series and Ultraviolet services are the ONLY place that allows you to put your movie collections online. So, even with all my reservations I now believe in Vudu, oddly enough. The service is useful.

ALSO Vudu is not only free, they give you 5 free HD movies to own when you sign up.