My family and I left cable about 2 years ago. We’ve found that for our family it is one of the best decisions we have ever made. We watch tv the way we want to watch it. If there is nothing to watch, we turn off the tv. We have found more to watch for our family, and we have a big family. With a 19 year old live in college student (our son), a 12 year old computer loving son, our 6 year old free spirited daughter, and our 11 month old bouncing baby boy, we have found that cable just didn’t do it for us.

Cable was too expensive, and it limited us in what we could watch or what we could find to watch. Now we all enjoy tv a little more. We save a little money, and we are happy to have game night or a movie night.

Flip the is a family blog. We all hope to add something to it. Leaving cable was an experiment that turned into a life style, and we are all just trying to keep up. We hope you will find our site helpful. My wife will write about watching her soaps on her ipad, my son will talk about missing cartoon network the, but finding better shows, and I’ll do some reviews and step by steps. This is a blog about living without cable and maybe the future of television.