Top 10 Superhero Movies Ever Made

These are not just great superhero movies, they’re great movies period. I think these movies have great writing, the plots make sense, they stories seem “believable,” and the movies are fun to watch. Here are what I consider to be the Top 10 Superhero Movies Ever Made.

1 Dark Knight

Is on every top 10 superhero list that I have ever seen. It is one of the very few that have been nominated for an academy award for something other than special effects. This is just about the perfect hero movie. It has Batman in his prime, fighting the Joker at this best, and scene after scene it draw you in with realism and action.
2. Unbreakable

If you want the most realistic superhero film ever created, Unbreakable is where to look. It is a very close 2nd, and it is the movie you would make if you found out that superheroes really do exist.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy

It’s here because it is the most entertaining hero movie of all time. Guardians of the Galaxy has you laughing, on the edge of your seat, and eyes popping out all at the same time. It’s a very fun film worth watching over and over. It was a shock to me that the movie was so good. I think it’s the best film made of the Marvel franchise.

4. Captain American: The Winter Soldier

Might just be the best of the Avengers movies. You feel like you get to know Captain America for the first time. The characters and plot are just so well done. It is a must see.

5. Watchmen

This is one of the darkest superhero films ever made, but it is so retro and full of 80s grit that it pulls you right into a very complicated story line. Like the Dark Knight, this move is thick with rich writing.

6. Avengers

Perhaps the biggest superhero movie of all time, you are sure they won’t have enough time to build all the characters and show them come together as a team, but it all seems to work out. By the end of the film all The Avengers have their place and have had their time.

7. Iron Man

A fun hero movie. It is just so entertaining mainly because of Robert Downey Jr. Jr. is always interesting to watch, and his character, Tony Stark acts like you hope all superheroes will act in their down time. These are fun, well-done movies.
8. Spiderman 2002

Certainly the best Spiderman movie ever made, and it was truly an event picture. Watching this at the theaters made you feel like you were truly part of something. People were cheering in the theater I saw it in. A superhero film that is what a superhero film should be, an event. The film stays true to the comic and is much better than the newer series.

9. X-Men: Days of Future Past

This is the only X-men movie that feels true to the comic. They have real X-men action in this movie. They jump in time, and everyone uses their powers more than one time in the movie. It’s a good film, and the scene with quicksilver taking out the Pentagon security force, is one of the greatest visuals of any superhero film, ever.

10. Superman 1978

This is the only movie on the list that you can say is a true classic. Even with the explosion of superhero films as of late, most are so badly flawed, they are less than enjoyable. It is also the only move on the list that could be considered old. 37 years ago Richard Donner created an enduring vision of the Man of Steel, and I have to say I think it’s much better than the 2006 or the ever embarrassing Superman betrays his morals in 2013 (ew). Either way the 1978 version isn’t as flashy. It’s a little dated, but it’s the only superman movie to stay true to the comics. Also, the story makes sense, and is well written.