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Top 10 Romance Movies

Top 10 Romance Movies

To honor upcoming Valentine’s Day, and the season of lovers, I’m doing the top 10 love movies of all time.

Romance movies are what dates are about this time of year, but in the past few years there has been a real lag in the quality of these types of films I put this list together to help you out this Valentine’s Day season. For 10 types of lovers:

1. Somewhere in Time (traditional love)

This is an old fashioned love story, but it has a twist and even a fantasy element to it (not like that). Either way it is a class, and overall best romance film on our list. Christopher Reeves give a great performance, perhaps his best.

2. True Romance (Edgy love)

This is not your old fashioned love story. It’s got violence, drugs, prostitution, mafia, and Elvis, but it is entertaining and an honest romance.

3. When Harry Met Sally (courting love)

This is the best, swoon your date movie on the list. It’s funny, fun, and endearing. When Harry Met Sally also feels like a real love story, what really happens to people who slowly fall in love.

4. Casablanca (intellectual love)

The love story that ends badly? The good wife? The Nazis? The story has it all with great acting, great writing, and an amazing setting. It’s the most intellectual love story.

5. Benny and Joon (quirky love)

The quirkiest love story on the list, but a must see. If you want to have fun while 2 oddball characters fall in love, watch this movie.

6. Last of the Mohicans (heroic love)

As story that is told as the characters fight for their lives. You don’t get much better than this. Daniel Day Lewis does an amazing job convincing everyone that he will fight to rescue the woman he loves. The movie is a outstanding.

7. Princess Bride (fairytale love)

If you haven’t seen this movie, go out right now, right now and buy or rent it. It’s a fairytale love story, the only one on the list, and the best one ever made. If you like the romance, swashbuckling and lands filled with giants and pirates, this is your movie.

8. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (surreal/cerebral love)

The movie has a confusing name. The movie itself is as confusing as its name, but it has a big payoff. This movie is the most surreal love story on the list, for sure.

9. Singing in the Rain (musical love)

As love’s stories go, we had to add at least one musical, and it’s a great one. Singing in the rain is a classic must see more anyway. It’s also one of the most well done musicals ever created.

10. Titanic (teen/everyone loves love)

Really? Well I have a movie on the list for about every other reason, but I believe this is the love story with the best special effects. The visuals are seamless. It’s also very entertaining. You might invest in other characters in other love stories more, but Titanic does undoubtably hold an historic marker on lists of romance films. It’s also the highest grossing love story of all time.



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