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Top 10 Roku Channels

10 Best Roku Channels


roku1Here are my top 10 best Roku channels. I watch the Roku everyday. I use it as my main source of tv viewing. These are the 10 channels I find myself using again and again. They are useful and entertaining. I enjoy each one for different reasons. As Roku channels go, these are my top 10:



1. Amazon

Yes, Amazon beats Netflix when it comes to having the best selection. There are couple reasons for this. Amazon has many many television shows. They have most or all of the shows Netflix has, but their collections are generally more complete. Amazon also has a great interface on the Roku 3. It’s not really flashy, but it’s easy to use. Also, Amazon usually goes movie for movie with Netflix for new releases. Also, Amazon is now bringing you new shows as well as originals. Alpha House is outstanding.


2. Hulu Plus

Hulu is the only place that you can legally get brand new episodes of your favorite now running tv shows. My wife is crazy about Parenthood. I like Grimm. It’s nice to get NEW shows. Netflix and Amazon offer few.


3. Netflix

Always among the top, Netflix was the first. Netflix has a history of faulting and then recovering. Right now I believe they are faulting. They have created a new interface the Roku 3, and it looks nice but many of the really great user options (like find similar titles) have been removed. Just like Netflix to be flashy with little substance. They still have a good archive of movies and tv shows backing them up. I would expect in the near future they will pull something off that will move them back to the top of the list.


4. Crackle

Crackle is completely free and they have some really good tv shows and really good movies. Most of these movies and shows are older, but I like stopping by Crackle everyone once in awhile just to check out their limited but usually interesting selections.


5. Vevo

Vevo’s channel on the Roku is a cross between old school MTV and Pandora radio. You pick a video you want to watch, and then the computer gives other selections that are close. If you are old enough to remember MTV from the 1980s, you’ll love Vevo. Pick a retro video and it will take you back to the time when you wanted your MTV. No Remote Control, game shows or reality shows, Amen!


6. CNN International

You stream CNN International Live. It’s really nice to be able to watch live television like this. It will give you updates and news around the world.


7. PBS

You can get a ton of content from PBS on the Roku. They have many of your favorite kids shows like Sesame Street, and they have PBS Newshour and other award winning shows that are updated often.


8. Weather Nation

I like this channel a lot. It’s simple. It just plays the weather. They have broadcasters that give an overview of the national weather, and then you can punch in your zip code and get the local weather. Simple, needed, great channel.


9. Redbox

I have been using the Red Box channel for about a month now, and I’m on the fence about getting rid of it. Between Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon, really you can’t find anything different on Redbox. You do get 4 free rentals per month. The nice thing here is, you reserve the movie, drop by the Redbox machine and swipe your card, it gives you the videos. It’s really quick and easy. If you rent a lot of Redbox, this might be worth it.


10. Nowhere

This channel draws from Archive.org, so there is a lot of free content. Most of the content is older, and all much of it is in the public domain. I enjoyed watching some very campy black and white films on this station for Halloween. Many of these can be found on Netflix or Amazon, but some cannot. They also have a large selection of commercials, drive-in movie intermissions, and clips like these. They are a blast to browse.

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