Top 10 Free Roku Movie Channels

So I’ve looked through the long list of Roku’s free movie channels and I’ve decided to make a list of Top 10 Free Movie channels you can access on the Roku. The list is my opinion, but there are a lot of channels offering free movies on Roku, and it’s difficult to know which ones to spent any time with. I went through all of them, here are my top 10 and why. I did not review the paid movie channels on this list.

1. Crackle
I can’t emphasize enough how much head and shoulders this one stands above the crowd. Crackle is a shining example of what a free movie channel should be. They have some very good movies on the channel and their commercials are few and far between. The channel runs great and is not glitchy.

2. Great Movies
We are taking a big step down here from Crackle, but Great Movies has some above B (I’ll use that term to mean movies that are just above low budget). They about about 100 films (it seems), and they do not have commercials. This is a big plus for the free channels. The channel runs well and is not glitchy.

3. Popcorn Flix
They have a very large selection of above B and B movies. They have a collection of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and they have movies from the ever lovable Troma (The Toxic Avenger). The channel has a lot to offer. The movies are a little slow to get started, and they do show a few commercials throughout the movie.

4. Snagfilms
This is another large movie channel but most of their films are B, just B movies. They have a collection of Bollywood movies that are “interesting.” They also have a good selection of classic public domain films like Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla, if you like that sort of thing.

5. Tubitv
Here is another channel with a large selection of B and slightly above B films. The channel runs ok and they do show commercials

6. On AOL
They have a very limited selection of above B movies. The channel works very well and it does not have commercials

7. Drive-In Movie Class
They have all old public domain films, and many are still worth watching. The channel has a pretty good layout and the movies are represented by old posters.

8. Premiere
We are getting pretty low on our scale at this point. Not a great channel, but they do have old public domain and other films to pick from.

9. Film Movement
This is a channel of all indy films. The films are even listed by the film festival they were taken from.

10. CrypticTV
This one has about 100 movies some are very bad. Many of the films have nudity and are basically exploitation films from the 70s. They still have some interesting titles.

I looked at adding other channels, but to be honest many simply didn’t work for me, or they were buggy and slow. These are about the best top 10 free movie channels I could come up with. They all have something to offer in someway or another. Check them out, leave a comment.