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Redbox Streaming Review: Is it Worth it?

Redbox Streaming Review: Is it Worth it?

cCCCI’ve been using Redbox Streaming for about 6 month, and to answer the question in the title, it’s only worth it if you don’t have Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Redbox has put together a very limited amount of videos of it’s streaming service. It does not offer television series, and it usually carries about the same movies as Netflix. The benefits to having the streaming service are very few.

The service works very well. In all my time using it, it’s never been slow or buggy. It does what it is designed to do. The service also lets you reserve movies at the box online or through the roku app. You do get 4 free movies per month, but to be honest with the very limited picks and double of the Netflix uncatalogued, it doesn’t make since to own a Redbox Streaming. If the point is to get a few movies each mount you might use the money to just buy 8 movies at the box. You’ll be lucky to find 8 you want to watch on the streaming service.

Redbox doesn’t want to give anything away. If they would either lower the price of the service or allow you to rent a few more movies, it might be worth it. The problem is if you want to stream a video online from Redbox as a rental instead of paying the standard $1.20 for a movie you’ll usual pay $4.99. This is mind boggling. You can drive to the box and get a video for a buck, but if you buy the same video (really just digital air) it will cost you $4.99. The first streaming service that lets you rent new movies for .99 cents will rule the world.

Redbox Streaming isn’t worth it. They seem like they are not really interested in online streaming. Their service is a shell. No tv. No cheap rentals. You get the feeling Redbox would rather not convert to online. Maybe they don’t like the idea of removing the word box from their title.

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