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Netflix Review

If you are not watching House of Cards on Netflix, You are crazy!

Netflix Streaming Review. Is it worth it?

b withgradeFor $8 per month you can have access to over 50,000 film titles, but we all know, with one glance at the Netflix lineup that not all movies listed are blockbuster must see films. Is Netflix really worth the money?


$7.99 per month (best price in the biz)

 What’s On

Well, yes. When you first buy your streaming account you’ll probably find a ton of movies that you want to see. I found that I had something to watch that I hadn’t seen before for about a month, after that it gets a little frustrating.

Netflix, I think, approached online streaming with the philosophy of more is better. They have 50,000 titles after all, but most of those titles the vast majority of people do not want to watch. No one wants to watch them. They are B movie or worse. I’ve seen some pretty bad movies on Netflix, and as you travel down the into the depths of the catalog it just keeps getting worse. Movies like Only God Forgives, Alien Rising, and Only the Strong help to round out their action titles for instance. In fact, it seems like Netflix almost prides themselves on getting second hand low rent films. I think this is what they started with. It was almost charming a couple of years ago, but now the channel is worse than Encore when it comes to movies.

Netflix has started to add movies every month, but they sometimes play the game where movies they add were already in the catalog a few months before. It’s frustrating as a paying customer to see movies added that you know were already there 2 or 3 months ago, and Netflix counts it as “new.” They are low on blockbusters much of the time, and HBO or any cable movie network has them beat hands down.

So why would you want to buy a subscription? Well they do offer TV shows, and Netflix original content is top notch. They are also, slowly but surely getting new titles that are worth watching. If you think of Netflix as another channel on your TV, you’ll find it is one of the best on demand channels for the price. They have a vast reserve of TV shows that you can binge watch.

 Kids Content

Kids content on Netflix is okay at best. They slowly dribble out shows for kids, and the ones they do offer, most of them, can be found on other streaming channels. Netflix kids network does play some old Disney shows, and movies, but they have had that content listed for over a year now, and much of it has not changed.

 So, after all that, why would you ever buy Netflix?

Netflix is worth buying. They are the best price in the business. Even though they do not have the best content on television, if they list a TV show, they usually list as many episodes as possible. For instance, Dexter on Netflix, came out with all at seasons at one time. It was fantastic to watch every episode of a great show from beginning to end (I did this). Their original content is outstanding. You will not see better TV shows on any channel from HBO to Spike. House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Arrested Development (the latest season) are better television than you will find anywhere else. I enjoy Netflix because I get to watch the shows and movies I want to watch, when I want to watch them. My overall rating of Netflix is a B. It is worth buying if you are getting away from cable.

Also Netflix has also stolen content right out from under Stars Movie Channel. Disney first run movies will now come to Netflix starting in 2015, so they are trying and getting a little better every day.

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