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Hulu Plus Review: Is it worth it?

What about Hulu Plus?


b-withgradeHulu Plus is different than any of the other streaming services available today. Unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime or Redbox streaming, you can get brand new content from Hulu. The show that aired yesterday on NBC might be on Hulu Plus today. The other big difference is, it has commercials (never a good thing by television view standards). So is Hulu Plus worth buying?


You pay 7.99 per month, and you get commercials!


If you want the latest tv shows as soon as they come out, Hulu Plus is the place for you. If have Netflix and Amazon you will have to wait over a year to see some of the content that appears on Hulu Plus today. Hulu Plus has 100s of TV shows. They have old shows and news shows, and usually all the latest and greatest accept from CBS. ABC, NBC, Fox and WB are all on Hulu. So, If you missed Modern Family last night, you can see that episode today. There is no problem in the scope of shows or the timing. I would give Hulu best in the industry on this one.

There are some problems on the amount when it comes to past tv shows. You are only going to get the last 4 or 5 episodes of the latest shows. After that, they disappear for a year interlude until they make it to Netflix or Amazon Prime. The second issue some television shows, like HGTV shows, you are only going to be able to watch on your computer. Hulu doesn’t have the rights to show them on set-top boxes like the Roku or PS3 or even on ipads. So, even though the latest 5 episodes of Good Eats is sitting on Hulu, you can only watch them on your computer (limiting eh?).


Hulu has some ok movies. They do not thrive in movies like Amazon or Netflix, but they do offer shows you will not see on those other channels. Recently they ran all the Rockys from I-V. They weren’t on Netflix or Amazon, but Hulu doesn’t do that great of a job add new movies either. So, if you are hoping for more movies, look at Netflix or Amazon. If you want a tv show that is only 5 minutes ago, Hulu is your thing.


Hulu does have some very good kids content. If you have small children, Barney is easy to find on Hulu. They also have lots of Anime, which many teenagers love. They have new episodes of Sesame Street and Spongebob. They don’t have as many full seasons, but again the content is much newer than with other streaming channels.


Not a lot. The price is kind of high for channel that has commercials too.


Overall I would give Hulu a B-. It is certainly worth buying, but there are some issues that could be addressed about the channel. I enjoy Hulu a great deal. I watch many of the new shows on the channel, but I wonder sometimes about the idea of paying for content that has commercials with it. Either way, try Hulu, buy Hulu, it’s worth it.  

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  1. As an amie fan, die hard fan of old sitcoms, discover channel shows and old movies. I fell like the $8 is Robing them.

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