How to Pick the Best Show to Binge Watch

In the old days we all waited week after week sometimes 4 or 5 weeks for 1 little episode of a series. The studios thought we loved that. I always hated it. Now bingeing is the act of watching one episode after another of a show for hours and hours in a row. If you really love the show your sleep drops off and you don’t shower for that 4 or 5 day period.

Remember when the studios used to do a really great episode that left you wanting more? It was 2 weeks before Christmas season. The writers were afraid people were giving up interest in their show, so they did a big earth shaking show. They put effort into it, I guess. Most episodes of a binge show feel like this. Every episode it keeps you coming back. This was a huge issue before streaming. If you missed the next big episode, you were completely lost, and many times you walked away from the show. If you have all 13-23 episodes sitting in front of you, it’s not a problem.

Long ago I hated shows that left you on a cliff hanger every single episode. Who wants to wait a whole week to find out? Now, with all the episodes available, I’m happy to have cliff hangers. Bring it on!

Also, I’m happy to wait an entire year for the next series. If I get a good 13 episodes I’m perfectly happy to wait and anticipate for a year. I don’t think studios or networks would have ever guessed audience would be willing to do this.

So here are the 5 things shows need to be a great binge shows.

  1. Cliffy

The show should have a good and compelling ending for every episode. The ending should make me watch more!

  1. Formula Free

Long ago, a good formula was gold for a TV show. Once a week we watched, so hero finds problem saves girl, goes home alone, was fine for 5 or 6 or even 10 weeks in a row. We didn’t get bored with it. As a matter of fact it was more comforting, but if you put those episodes back to back, it gets boring very fast. The less formula, the better.

  1. Great Characters

This is 10 times more important than it was before bingeing. Before binge, characters came over to our houses for an hour or ½ hour and went away. Sometimes they were super annoying, but hey they are leaving in like an hour so I’m not going to say anything. Now if they are staying at my house for 13 hours this weekend, by hour 3 I’m kicking them out. If characters aren’t likable, or compelling or interesting or beautiful, I’m not watching. Worse than annoying, by the by, boring….for characters think Crazy Eyes or Hannibal.

  1. A Great Story

When I watched TV shows week to week they found me. Maybe I was flipping through the channels or maybe I was just bored. The only thing those shows had to worry about was the other shows in their time slots. You found the best of the worst, and watched. Now, with 1000s of shows to pick from, I go looking. I find the show, and if the story doesn’t hold my interest, I move on. A great story is a must.

  1. Doing its best

If it is a drama, be dramatic. It if is a comedy, be funny. It can’t be the best of the worst. It can’t be boring or sleepy or I flip the channel.