Remember how I said one of the things you miss about leaving cable is watching home improvement shows… not anymore. HGTV inked a deal with Netflix to bring some of their biggest shows to stream. I have to say this makes things much easier in my family. There are only 2 channels I really miss on cable. The first is HGTV, and the second is CNN. The number of cable channels that I miss has dropped to 1. You can also stream many of the shows on YouTube now.

Here are some of the steaming HGTV shows on Netflix. I’ll do a blurb about the ones I enjoy…

Property Brothers

At very least this show is entertaining. I really enjoy the 2 brothers taking a couple (who are stuffed in a house begging to move) to a house that is far far over the couple’s budget, walking them through the house, getting them to love the house, getting them to drool over the house, and then saying, well only in your wildest dreams could you afford this house. Let’s look at renos! You can see the people’s hearts breaking a little as they walk away from the multimillion dollar property.

Income Property

This show does a good job of picking projects for prospective buyers. This show is really a show about people buying a house they really can’t afford, but building a rental property into it so that they can live way above their means. It’s a great show.

Love it or List it

This show is about fighting. The hosts fight with each other about fixing up or selling. The owners fight with each other about how the 2 hosts don’t know what they are doing, and then there is a lot of fighting about the money just all around. If you see any episodes where the grandmother lives with the family, watch it. I’m pretty sure this show cuts out all the fist fights.

Buying and Selling

This is another show with the Property Brother. It’s about a couple who have a small home. The couple wants to move into a bigger house they can barely afford, so they have to fix and sell the house they are living in, or they go bankrupt. It’s high drama where the family usually ends up filming themselves at 4 in the morning crying into the camera. It’s awesome.

House Hunters

It could be the International version or the run of the mill, and you are always only asking one question, how do these people afford a house like that? It starts like this, Ronda’s a nurse, and Tim’s a dog walker, and they are looking for a home in the swanky Malibu area in the price range of 1.5 million dollars? What you really think is that the people are lying about what they do for a living, or they won the lottery and didn’t say anything to the producers. Whatever, watching them struggle over which house to buy is always fun.

Rehab Addict

This is about a girl who is addicted to buying houses for ridiculously low amounts, like $1, and then turning them into an awesome restoration. The show is great. Of course anyone would be happy to buy a house for a buck and then make it into a sellable house. I have to say too, the show has its title going for it. The first time I watched I really thought someone was going from clinic to clinic looking for their therapy fix, kinda like the beginning of Fight Club, but I digress.

I’m kidding about these shows. They are all very entertaining and sometimes helpful. I enjoy HGTV a great deal, and I’m happy to see them among the stream choices.

Other HGTV shows:

Selling New York
Holmes Inspection
Color Splash
Flea Market Flip
Cousins on Call
The Brian Boitano Project