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Flip the Channel


So about a year ago my wife and I decided to give up cable. We were sick of having over 200 channels on television that we never watched. Cable TV has been a mindless experience for the last 20 years, and everyone knows it. We were tired of playing hour after hour of television that we didn’t want to watch, we didn’t enjoy watching, and we hated droning on in the background.


I went to everyone’s favorite tech store and bought the Roku. I didn’t know anything about set top boxes then. I didn’t know anything about anything then, I just wanted to get away from those boring shows, those lackluster pixels twinkling at me and my family. I plugged the box in and started watching. It took a year, but I have finally learned what ditching cable really means. This is about sharing what I’ve learned. If you want to give up cable, there is a lot you need to know. I had a lot of expectations that were just wrong, wrong, wrong.


This is our online journal of living without cable, of trying to escape the mindless dullness of background noise that no one wants in their homes and everyone still calls entertainment. 


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