Big List of Shows to Binge

Ok, here is our big list of shows to binge. If you are looking for shows to binge, or the best shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime to binge, this is the best place to find them. If you know shows that are not on the list, list them please!

Basically, if my sons, daughter, wife or I binge a show we add it here with a rating. Everyone is looking for a new show to binge, pretty much at all times. Have you seen the “Showhole” commercial? I’ve been there and it sucks. So here is a list to keep things rolling for you. They have a binge star rating. The rating goes up to 5. I’m reserving the 5 for absolute must binge shows. If you have shows you want to add, post them in the comments, and we will get to them.

I will say a binge show to me is one that you can’t stop watching. You stay up until 4 in the morning saying, “just one more episode.” To me, that’s a binge show. There are some shows that are great shows, like CSI for instance. It’s a really great TV show. It had over 25 million views per week, but there are very few cliff hangers in a show like this. Lost on the other hand had episode after episode that ended on a cliff hanger. To me, Lost is better to binge, but not be a better show. So these binge shows are rated with a star rating. It’s a simple 1-5 star rating. I’m saving my 5 stars for shows you absolutely cannot stop watching.  One star generally means I just couldn’t get into the show.

Ok, so here is how this will work. Please rate the shows below you have seen. If you want to add a show, send us a review via the box below (it will take a day or so to post your review). After that you can add as many shows/reviews as you like.

The star ratings work like:

1 star = unwatchable (can’t even watch this show)

2 stars = unbingeable

3 stars = bingeable

4 stars = great to binge

5 stars = have to binge right now

So, please leave your reviews and rate the shows below so others know whats what when it comes to finding a good show to watch.