The Best Only Streaming TV Shows…

 I know what you are thinking. You always talk about 10 shows, why not 10 shows this time. Well I really only wanted to list the best quality shows. These 8 are the best, and listing any others would really just be for the purpose of making this a list of 10 and not the best. So I went with the best, and left of 2 that I feel would have brought the list down. Here are the 8 best streaming tv shows you don’t want to miss.

House of Cards

The king of all made for stream tv shows, House of Cards is the best drama television have seen for a long time. If you have binged watched this show, you haven’t had good television entertainment. This is a thick political drama, with fantastic writing and captivating characters. It’s full of plot twists and turns that pull you in and keep you watching.

Comedians in Cars

You kind of get the feeling this is what streaming comedies should be. This is Jerry Seinfeld sitting down with a different comedian every episode and just talking. It’s Jerry like only Jerry can be. It’s comedy, that’s funny, and really about nothing. If you haven’t watched this show, go to Crackle right now and watch. It’s free.

Alpha house

The best streaming sit-com by far. John Goodman plays one of his best roles in many years. The show keeps you laughing. They release this, like House of Cards, 13 episodes at a time. It’s a great sit-com.

Orange is the New Black

This show has a real Wes Anderson feel to it. It’s about a middle class white girl who ends up in prison. She is very much a fish out of water, and even though it’s a drama, a lot of scenes will have you laughing. Like I said, if Wes Anderson made a drama about woman in prison, this would be it.

Peaky Blinders

The secret of Netflix. Peaky Blinders is the Sopranos meet Downton Abby. Made first for the BBC 2, but streaming for the USA. It’s a powerful crime drama about the rise of the Irish street gang to power. If you want 1 show on Netflix, I would make it this one. House of Cards is great, don’t get me wrong, but I like Peaky Blinders just a little bit more.

Arrested Development

Yes, I think we can say they are not making another season, but if you haven’t seen the original series that aired on Fox all those years ago, you are in for a treat. Watch all the episodes and even the new season that was produced by Netflix. It’s a great show, a cult favorite.

Marco Polo

A new period drama that is so far riveting. Marco Polo is worth your time. Watch the show, and stick with it, it starts show, but gets better and better.

The Killing

The Killing is worth a look. It’s a slow unfolding drama about the murder of a young girl. It’s the collecting of details about one murder the whole season, so don’t expect a lot of people to die. There is something very watchable about the show. You feel like someone is going to die at any second.