I’ve looked at other “scariest” lists around the web, and I can’t believe what people come up with. Those films are not scary. So I thought I would put in my 2 cents for the top 10 Scariest Movies of All time.


1. Exorcist 1973

Even though it has been 41 years, Ex is still the scariest horror film ever made. It’s grim. It’s disgusting in places, horrifying to look at, and terrifying to think about. In 1973, when it came out in theaters, people had to see nurses after the showing.


2. The Shinning

There is something about this film that’s just creepy. It kinda gets into your bones. From the little twin dead girls, to the creepy dead woman make out scene to the blood in the hallway, it’s all scary. If you haven’t seen this film, you must pick up a copy this Halloween.


3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Ok, I would usually put this film on my monster film list (coming soon), but it deserves to be on both. The Texas Chainsaw Mass is one of those movies that you don’t want to believe could be real, but it feels real all the way through. There is a brutality to it that makes you feel like, yep, this could be what one human does to another. I put this way up on my list. It doesn’t scare you so much at night when you go to sleep (disturbing as it is) it scares you more when you make a wrong turn on a country road, or have to turn around in someones driveway, and you think Texas Chainsaw mass….


4. Paranormal Activity

Yep, finally a movie that wasn’t made in the 1970s. After watching this film, you’ll jump just a little bit more every time your house creaks. It’s the scene where things are happening while they are sleeping that is so unsettling to me. Also, how bold the demon becomes by the end of the movie. It’s a great and well done film. Really scary, even for a pure horror fan like me.


5. Psycho

Yes, I think Psycho is as scary today as it was when I first saw it. Made by the genius Alfred Hitchcock, you couldn’t ask for a better portrait of a killer. This film is 54 years old, and it’s still the movie that makes taking a shower scary. Every thing about this movie is creepy, the house, the mother, the psychological break of the character.


6. Amityville Horror

Yes, basing this on a real place and real events, does make it scarier. I think that the movie dips into that very fear part of our brain. Much like Paranormal Activity, you feel like something is happening to you for this film. If you haven’t seen it, watch it.


7. Omen

Yes, another creepy horror film, but I have to have at least on movie on the list about the antichrist, otherwise, it wouldn’t be the great of all time list, right? Anyway, the pace and tone of this movie is what makes it so scary. It just keeps beating on, getting worse, and worse. You feel it pushing you the entire time. One bad, devilish, thing after another….


8. The Others

Often overlooked, The Others, is one of the creepiest horror movies ever, in my book. There are twists and turns in this film, and many of even the subtle moments, the quiet moments, are scary. If you haven’t seen this film, give it a try, you won’t be sorry. Say what you want, but many horror films have anything about them nominated for an academy award.


9. The Sixth Sense

Speaking of awards, the Sixth Sense was nominated, I think, for everything, at one time. In 2000 it was even up for best picture. Not many horror films rise to that level. The film isn’t scary like the rest on this list. It’s a tightness about this movie, like all the air has gone out of the room. It’s like you feel like the boy. It is creepy to think of seeing ghost, but still creepier to think of coming of age at the same time as dealing with all this madness. It’s a very well done film.


10. Salem’s Lot

The head vampire in this movie has some very creepy scenes. He is scary, but there are other scene too that are just out right scary, the boy resurrected and knocking at the window. The funeral home scene where he is making a cross out of tongue depressors.