10 TV Shows They have to remake!

So with all the tv studios digging deep into their creative bags, and then simply reviving shows like The X-Files, Full House, Arrested Development, and Twin Peaks, I thought I would throw my 2 cents in and say the shows I want most to see return. I think they should either remake or continue these shows.

1. Greatest American Hero

This is the first show that popped into mind. It was great. It was so fun to watch. It was cancelled because the television execs didn’t know what they were doing. As it turns out there is already a deal in the works to bring back The Greatest American Hero. Back in November 2015 Fox announced it has a deal to remake this cult classic. I can’t way.


Are you kidding? The highest rated none sports show in history of the world, final episode = 105.8 million hasn’t been remade yet? What are we waiting for? I know that people loved the original, and it might be just about perfect, but making a second won’t take away from the first. If done right it could be an amazing show. It’s not easy to mix comedy and drama, but this show did it perfectly. We need round 2 post haste!

3. Quantum Leap

Again, duh. Where has this show been all my adult life? Sam and Al are classic characters surrounded by a great idea and really really outdated tech. Could we do this with some cool looking effects and tech please?

4. Firefly

It would be very cool to see the original cast back on this! This show popped in my mind directly after GAH. They are doing a little reunion I guess, but can we get a full on well created show please. Netflix has the money. Come on Netflix. Legions of fans will love you forever if you do this right!

5. Buffy
Again, Double Duh. If you’re doing shows, what better show to remake than this cult classic that was funny, cool and had high rating.

6. The 6 Million Dollar Man

They are making a movie of this, but I’m not too interested to be honest. The best thing about the 6 Million Dollar Man is that he fights crime in your living room. What is the point of remaking an old TV show into a movie? Make it into another TV show! The 6 Billion Dollar Man is coming soon to theaters.

7. Cheers

The show with the second most watch episode behind MASH. Cheers was simple and cheap. This is basically some interesting characters sitting around and talking at a bar where everybody knows your name. It’s ripe for a remake.

8. Fall Guy

Yes, one of the best 80s TV shows was the little know Fall Guy. It was never a top rated show, but it is a worthy concept. A stuntman does bounties to sub his income. We need shows like this.

9. MacGyver

Pop culture icon MacGyver hasn’t been remade yet? Could you MacGyver that up for me? It was a pop icon show, although it never broke the love 40s in rankings, but I think this is one of those shows that a remake gets better the longer you wait. Now is the time!

10. Angel

Like Buffy, this cult classic was well loved. The show was well done and very funny when it first started. A couple more seasons would make so many happy.