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10 Reasons to Go to the Drive-in!

It’s getting dark. The air is settling over the stony parking lot as the sun disappears over the horizon. The spotlights go off and the kids come running back from the playground….why in the age of digital 3D movies and flashy hi-def is the Drive-In Movie theater sill worth it? Here are my 10 reasons….

1. Kids

It’s much, much easier to take small kids to the Drive-In than it is to take them to a regular movie theater. It’s about the only place you can see a movie with an infant. Children 1-4 will be more entertained (generally) by playing in the car than watching the movie, so let them play. If you have a van or an SUV, put the seats down and let them roam.

Kids 4-10 will like playing on the playground (if they have one).

Kids 5-18 generally like sitting outside and watching a movie, and so do I.

2. Double Feature

Yes! You get 2 movies for less than the price of 1. If you haven ‘t been to the Drive-in in a long time you will be shocked to see that Drive-Ins play great movies for both features now, no more B Movies. This makes me sad, but most people really like watching 2 movies that have just been released. Many times the second movie is more for adults (not always). The second movie is where the kids fall asleep, and you get to watch a film quietly without interruption for the first time since they were born!

3. The Price!

Drive-Ins in most places still charge by the car load. Where I live the price is about $16 per carload. My local movie theater charges $10 for 1 ticket to a 3D movie. So me, my wife, and 4 children can all go to the movies, and bring a friend for $16 instead of $70. It’s a big deal of you like to go to the movies a lot. We go to the Drive-in at least 3 times per summer sometimes 5 or 6. If I go 4 times, with my family, I spend $64 for the Drive-In, I would spend $280 for a theater. Not bad.


Yes, these days Drive-in theaters (many of them) let you bring your own food for a price. We pay $2 to bring all the snacks we want. If you spend more than $20 at the concession stand, they give you the money back. Also, it goes without saying that the concessions are much cheaper. Popcorn is a couple dollars instead of $8.

5. It’s an event.

Movies these days are not really shared, any longer, as a community. Movies used to be an event. You went down town to the main street theater and watched them. You  got dressed up. It was an event. Drive-ins aren’t about dressing up, but they are an event. You feel like part of something with the rest of the people watching.

6. Outside

You can sit in a lawn chair and watch a movie. You can be under the stars. I love this feeling.

7. Quiet please

You can talk all you want at the drive-in. It’s fun to go in a group ( a couple or a few families).  We talk while the kids watch the movie sometimes, and no one cares.

8. Intermission

Going to get a snack at intermission or playing on the playground is one of my best memories, and I want my kids to have them too. If you have ever been to the Drive-in, you know what I’m talking about.

9. Support Local Small Business

Most movie theaters are owned by large corporations, but Drive-ins are usually owned by single family (sometimes generational) owners. You should support them. When is the last time the owner of your local theater took your ticket as you were entering the megaplex? Drive-in movie theater owners many times man the ticket booths. They live in the community where the theaters operate.

10. Save a Theater

At one time there were 4000 Drive-in movie theaters in the USA. Now there are, according to different sources, around 350 Drive-ins left. If we don’t start going, were not going to have a chance to go. Take your kids right now you might save a theater and at very least they will experience it. It is an opportunity to do something that might not exist in the future. If we all start going they will survive, if we don’t we’ll only have fond memories.

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