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Vudu Review 4/5 (1)

Ok, so I've been watching Roku or using a streaming media player for over 2 years now, and I didn't see much use for Vudu, Wal-Mart's answer to streaming services, until just recently. I have purchased movies,
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Seinfeld No rating results yet

Seinfeld It was the show, about NOTHING! Thursday nights meant Seinfeld for many 90s viewers, but many stopped watching before the final season. If you were one of them when did you Flip the Channel: Flip: Facts Type of Show Comedy Years 1989-1998 Channel NBC Time Thursday...
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Flip it: Lost No rating results yet

Lost (2004-2010) Channel: ABC Lost was one of ABC’s hit shows mid-2000s. It was a twisting scifi, thriller, that just kept getting stranger. Many fans enjoyed the series, but some say they stopped watching. I was a big fan of lost, but I didn’t start watching until the 5th...
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Netflix Review 2.67/5 (1)

Their original content is outstanding. You will not see better TV shows on any channel from HBO to Spike. House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Arrested Development (the latest season) are better television than you will find anywhere else.
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